mitsuelisa | Strategic and Industrial Designer
Mexican Strategic and Industrial Designer




Mitsue is a design strategist driven by complex challenges and endless optimism. She has studied and lived in Mexico, United States, Spain, and Belgium, where she became a specialist in creative methodologies for strategy development.

Currently, she’s pursuing a Master’s in Design Engineering at Harvard University as a Fulbright Scholarship grantee and is available for collaborations and job offers.

She's now focused on environmental protection, social innovation, and sustainable development through transdisciplinary approaches.

I believe in holistic, transdisciplinary, honest and humble design that creates better living systems, challenges what is normal in order to promote what is right, and empowers human and other beings to fully develop.
— Mitsue elisa


Mitsue was born naturally curious, always questioning everything around her. She enjoys involving completely into projects, and is known for her hard work. She loves collaborating in teams with people that share her passion for challenging projects that demand creative thinking and exploring new methods. She often ends up leading groups, motivating their members and pushing them to reach high standards. 



She has a B.A. in Industrial Design by Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). She was Lead Design Strategist at SBB and worked with clients like Samsung, WWF, Aeromexico, and Uber. She also co-founded Tothom, a strategic design startup, and became president of SODA (Society of Anonymous Designers).


social design

Through design she´s collaborated and volunteered with different organizations to address social and environmental challenges like: Infantile Cerebral Palsy, the Pacific Ocean’s Garbage Patch, Music without Borders for Imagina Children’s Foundation, and co-creation sessions and workshop for the Mexican government, among others.


Other interests

She’s a 3 (Achiever) and 6 (Questioner/Loyalist) at Enneagram and an ENFJ (Protagonist) at MBTI. 

Besides design, Mitsue also find pleasure in visiting museums, being around nature and singing while practicing piano. She also wrote a novel as a teenager and was member of a dance company for 4 years.